Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The old train tunnel was the passage for more of the dwellers in Niagara falls. Whoever brave to visit the tunnel at night and lit the light or candle will become immortal. 

The people who go there carry fear with them because they dont know what is going to happen with them in that screamy place. 


Once upon a time there used to be small houses near the tunnel  and a small village which was disappeared with the time. There used to live a young girl with her parents. Her parents were divorced and seperated. His father used to drink and abuse her and her mother. During a night she said his husband that he would keep her daughter with her. This made husband grew anger.

 He didnt agreed for that and thought that his daughter should be with him so that his image will be safe. If the little girl was with him then some other day his wife would also come back to him. He scared his wife and the little girl ran into the tunnel to hide there. The tunnel is filled in pitch black and she is unable to take the breath. Suddenly a cold liquid fell on her and she screamed and her face was burned in anger. 

Within a short time flames engulfed her body and burned her alive. They are those screams that remind the violence of that sad day. 

Whenever you walk through this tunnel in the night and lit the candle, the spirit of this little girl frightened and cause wind to blow and extinguish the flame. 

Just visit this site and Surely it will be a good place to be haunted. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


                                             JOELMA BUILDING IN BRAZIL

    The Joelma building is in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is a 25 storey building which is constructed beautifully in large grounds. Unexpectedly in 1974, The building caught fire which took away the lives of 189 innocent people and around 345 were injured. It is located at 225 Avenida 9 de Julho.

This mysterious incident occured on 1st February, 1974 at 
 around 8:55 am. It was said that the building caught fire due to the flammable materials which were used for the interior construction of building. The entire building caught fire within 20 minutes . It was burned for more than four hours and fire could not be controlled. The experts believe that this place is surrounded by a strange spiritual energy even today. Most of the people believed that the building was carried by curse.

At first the a college named Jesuit college was constructed in this place and 12 priests and an altar boy survived there. These  people were given curse by a local tribe that they would die and collect the souls of the fellow christians who dared to live on the land. 

The story behind this building is almost 400 years later, There was a house in the same place and it was the curse of that place which followed the building. It was the house of Paul Campbell , a chemistry professor who lived with his family. One day he behaved very cruelly with his family members and killed everyone with his gun including his mother, father and sisters. Later he buried their bodies in the backyard of his house. He buried 11 bodies of his family members and later himself shot to dead. The next day a fire fighter visited the house and was badly infected by the infection came out of corpse. In total 13 people were dead in the house. The house remained vacant and in 1972, Joelma building was constructed in the same place.

The constructers of this building observed that the Campbell family was still in the house and they heard the strange noises throughout the construction. After only two years later, the entire building was caught under fire. It killed 189 people and injured 345 people. The fire was caused due to the short circuit in the air conditioning of the building.

The temperature reached to 700 degree and there is no place to escape and many fell from the top of the building. Thirteen people who were in the elevator tried to escape and Unfortunately burnt alive at the door of the building. Their bodies were not found and were buried collectively in St Peters Cemetery.

 These thirteen bodies gave rise to the mystery of the thirteen souls. The people believe that these thirteen people were the one who vanishes their illness and pray the burial site. The visitors whoever pass by this site will surely have a site of this ground.

After the fire the building remained closed for four years for the construction. It was given the name Plaza of the Flag. People say that even today they find the dead spirits in this building.

It will be surely a great experience to visit this place and a best place to be haunted and the old Joelma building mystery still continues.

Very eager to visit place.......... Are you?

Monday, 5 January 2015


In the early 1900’s, A very dangerous disease of Tuberculosis spread in the America for which no cure existed. It claimed the entire families and sometimes entire towns. Kentucky has one of the highest tuberculosis death rates in America. It is a perfect breeding ground for the disease. 

A hospital was constructed on windswept hill in Jefferson County to give treatment to the diseased people. The hospital was overpopulated with the diseased patients. So immediately a new hospital was constructed with donations and money in 1924 in the same place.

The new one is known as Waverly Hills which was opened after two years in 1926 which is known to be the advanced tuberculosis sanatorium. In those days it was thought that the best way to treat tuberculosis is to spend in fresh air, taking plenty of nutritious food and rest. Many rested at Waverly hills and it is said that many patients died here. 

Coughing up blood, Overcrowded, understaffed and the bodies of the dead were carelessly discarded down a chute and then taken out of the building through an underground tunnel. This method of disposing the bodies was kept covert by doctor’s orders who wanted patients to be unaware of the quantity of dead bodies.

The actual member of bodies dragged down that tunnel may have been closer to only 8,000 than the rumored 63,000 dead. As if “only 8,000 dead” is an acceptable number. If such a thing as ghosts exist, then surely they would be haunting where thousands of them, still warm from life, made the evolution to death from such a wretched hospital.

In the last days of 1930, The disease slowly begun to decline and new medicines were helpful. In 1961, Waverly hills was closed down but was reopend as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. There were many rumoras and stories told about patients and many bad experiments during the years when building was used as an old age home. Some were proved as false but some were turned out to be true.

 Visitors always talk of slamming doors, lights in the windows as if power was still running and strange sounds and footsteps in empty rooms.

Many people witnessed a man in a white coat who has been seen walking in the kitchen and the smell of cooking food. Several sounds of footsteps , a door swinging shut and the smell of fresh baked bread in the air. 

Well known is a tragic story of a nurse in 1928, named Mary Lee who worked treating people with tuberculosis who contracted the disease, a tragic story but sadly it’s not finished, this nurse also found herself with child from one of the doctors and unwed. 

The shame of this was too much for her and she took her own life by hanging herself in Room 502. Tragically her body lay undiscovered for a long time. Another bizarre story from Room 502 is that another nurse took her own life by jumping out the window. But the most terrifying and shocking sighting is that of an elderly lady with her hands and feet bleeding and chained runs away screaming from stunned onlookers. It is so sad to think that even in the afterlife this poor tragic soul has yet to find peace. 

We don't know whats the truth but there is a suspicious thing going on in this sanitorium which all haunters always find. Thank you for reading. 

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Monday, 8 September 2014


Dumas beach is one of the famous tourist spot in Gujarat in India. This beach is located in the Arabian Sea is filled with star black sand just 13 miles away from Surat. Many people who visits here everyday dont know that this was the most haunted places in India. But the local people who live there have an idea that there were ghosts in that beach those inhabit even air.

 India has large number of Hindus all over the world. The hindus always believe that when once the person dies his soul lives on. It will be in the state of two conditions. One waiting for the rebirth to enter another body and the second is he has reached the level of Moksha. It means freedom. 

But there is another one exception for these states that is the person who faces horrible death. Now these souls want to take revenge for the cause of their horrible death. The traditional hindu burial includes cremation. Dumas beach is considered very haunted place in India because it is a cremation ground. Many of the dead are buried here.  

The locals often complain "We hear wierd noise and whispers as we walk along the beach." There is a wind around this area which is full of spirits of dead people. Another complaint is that dogs always bark and howl at night. Some said that someone stopped them not to go further and go back to their place.  It is also said that the night air that surrounds the beach is filled with heavy sadness and when it is windy this feeling increases.

Most of the locals never look at this beach at night. There were many cases that tourists who walked along this beach disappeared  at night. No one are yet found.

Call it a Scenic Dumas beach or one of the haunted places in Gujarat. Fact remains that although people still enjoy visiting this place with the promnade having several snack shops , this is one of the most haunted destinations in India embarking its name in the top Indian horror tales. 

We are now in

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If we go to this place you will be hearing strange noises coming from the empty rooms and behind the walls, sounds of children crying, cold spots, faces that suddenly materialize in woodwork these are only a few of the strange occurrences witnessed by those who visited the castle of Franklin. It is one of the Ohio's most
haunted places. In 1865, this mansion located on Franklin Avenue in Ohio city was the home to German immigrant HannesTiedemann, his wife, mother and several children.


Hannes Tiedemann was a grocer and investment banker who was famous as loud, harsh man. Many members of community believed
that he abuses his family and ruled like a tyrant. Tiedemann got
what he was looking for. When completed, the four storey Franklin Castle came complete with 30 rooms and a grand ballroom. The
outside of house was beautifully carved. The top floor of the Castle also provided wonderful views of both downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie.

Tiedemann moved with his wife, Lucie along with his mother,
Wiebeka and several servants. The first few years went very well. They gave birth to many childrenn. Later the condition ruined. In 1881, tragedy began with the death of Tiedemann's mother and his 15-year old daughter, Emma, died within weeks of each other. Wiebeka died of natural causes whereas Emma's was believed to be a result of diabetes. 

These deaths gave rise not only to the curse, but also rumors that Hannes Tiedemann was a controlling evil man.Many believed that he murdered his neice and a young servant girl.It was during this time that the infamous hidden and secret passageways were
constructed inside Franklin Castle. Why they were created? 

Some say that they were created by Tiedemann simply as a way of taking his wife's mind off the recent death of her daughter.Others say that they were created so that he could commit crimes, including murdering of niece, a servant girl and even his own 
daughter Emma.  

Luice Tiedemann passed away in 1895, her death also due to the curse or worse yet,murder at the hands of her husband. Hannes remarried shortly after her death. After Luice death, Hannes sold this Franklin Castle to a local brewer named Mullhauser. Hannes leaving the Castle was not enough to escape Franklin Castle's power and in 1908 , he died suddenly.With the death of Tiedemann, his family tree ended because all his grandsons died before him. Whole the family was cursed. 

In 1913, Franklin Castle was sold to the German Socialist Party. The group owned the castle for the next 55 years. During this time, not much is known about the goings on inside the castle, although many speculate that the party held secret meetings and engaged in espionage. 

The wildest rumor involves the mass political assassination of about 20 members.

The party later rented out rooms of the castle to boarders.  One of those persons was believed to be a doctor who performed
"strange" experiments using human specimens.Secret rooms and passages do exist inside the castle. Hannes Tiedemann used a secret room to store the bodies of his dead babies and killed his niece in a hidden passage by the ball room. In January 1968, German socialists sold this Castle to James Romano. 

Family members began experiencing strange things. The Romano children often speak of their new found friend that they would play in the fourth floor of the ball room. Mrs Romano began to feel the presence of Mrs. Tiedemann in the home and often hear music coming from different areas of the home.

In 1970's, one of the owners found the skeletons of atleast dozens of babies in side a small sealed room. They were later examined and was proved that they were very old. Some say that they were the bones of  missing Tiedemann children.It was said that a youngg girl haunts the 4th floor ballroom. She may be the ghost of young Rachel or Tiedemann's niece. 

In the ballroom, there is a large blood stain which still appears on the marble floor. The Romano family claimed that the house was visited by the ghost of a young girl. The family later moved out after recieving warnings by the ghost of a future death. 

 A newspaper boy claimed that when he knocked the door, a voice told him to "come in". He saw an apparition of a woman in white, who glided down the staircase and disappeared through a closed door.The doors open and shut on their own.Romano family invited Cleveland radio executive John webster to the house about
hauntings and Franklin Castle. He claimed that while he was walking upstairs, something tore a tape recorder from a strap over his shoulder. It was broken into pieces.A television reporter named Ted Ocepec, who came to visit the castle witnessed a ceiling light that suddenly began turning in circular motions.

 Very few people have gone inside the castle. No one knows what really happened there. But these mysterious deaths left the Castle as a haunted place. 

Friday, 16 May 2014


The majestic 1913 Colarado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California not only wondered early travellers crossing the causeway 
but soon took on a sinster note when people began to leap from the 150 foot bridge to their death. Locals began to call it 
the "Suicide Bridge". Legends began that the bridge was haunted by some souls.

The beautiful concrete bridge spans 1,500 feet across the Arroyo Seco, a deeply cut canyon linking the San Gabriel Mountains 
to Los Angeles river, and often referred to as Arroyo Seco Bridge.In Pasadena's early days, before the bridge was built,
 crossing Arroyo Seco was extremely difficult task. The bridge was designed and built by J.A.L Waddell of Kansas city,
 Missouri and named for Colorado Street. 

The engineer John Drake gave an idea of curving the bridge, he created a work of

The first tragedy on the bridge occurred before the construction was complete. When one of the bridge workers saw this,
 they assumed that he couldnot be saved and left his
body in the quick-drying cement. His is only one of the many souls said to haunt the "Sucide Brige".

 The first suicide occurred on November 16,1919. It was followed by number of others during great depression. Over the years, It was estimated that more than 100 people took their lives leaping 
the 150 feet into the arroyo below. One of the most 
notable sucides was when a mother threw her baby girl over the railing on May 1,1937.She then followed into the depths of
 canyon. Though the mother died, her child survived
miraculously. Though the number of suicides has decreased, the bridge continues to retain its nickname and its ghostly 

According to the tales, a number of spirits are said to wander the bridge itself as well as the arroyo below. Others have
 heard unexplained cries coming from the canyon. One report tells of spectral man that is often seen wandering the bridge 
who wears wire rimmed glasses. Other people have claimed to see a woman in a long flowing robe, who stands atop one of the
 parapets, before vanishing as she throws herself off the side.

In the arroyo below, phantom forms have been seen walking the river bed, a number of unexplainable sounds are often heard,

and the atmosphere is often described as "thick.”

News article highlighting recent suspected suicide - January 18, 2013

PASADENA - A woman plummeted to her death Friday after apparently jumping from the Colorado Street Bridge, police said.
The incident was reported about 3:45 p.m. on the east side of the bridge, Pasadena police Lt. Diego Torres said.
The woman, estimated to be in her late 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene, he said. The investigation was ongoing, 
however the death initially appeared to be a suicide, Torres said.

Initial reports indicate she jumped, officials said.
"There doesn't seem to be any signs of foul play," he said.

News Article from The Pasadena Star News - January 02, 2002

PASADENA -- A body so badly decomposed police only suspect it is that of a male was discovered Tuesday night when someone 
reported a bad smell emanating from the Arroyo Seco, authorities said. Pasadena Fire Department firefighters had to rappel
 down the face of a cliff and cut through thick brush with chain saws to reach the source of the smell, said Pasadena police
 Lt. Darryl Qualls.
The body, possibly that of a transient, was discovered after a two-hour search ended about 9:30 p.m. near the Colorado 
Street Bridge just east of San Rafael Avenue in what appeared to be a transient camp, he said.

The bridge is known locally as Suicide Bridge because of the large number of people who have jumped from it to their death.
But police said it was too early to tell what caused the death.
"We don't know if it was a natural death or at the hands of someone else," Qualls said.
The race of the dead person could also not be determined because of the state of decomposition, he said.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Changi beach is in Singapore. It is a popular hangout for locals for family picnics especially on weekends. They enjoy various activities like fishing, jogging and watching the sunrise and sunset here. But there is a grim history associated with the beach. Changi beach served as a killing ground for the Japanese during the Sook Ching massacre of The second world war. Thousands of chinese were tortured and killed during this operation as they were suspected of being anti-Japanese. This beach is said to be one of the most haunted places in Asia. 

By the mid-February, 1942, during the Second World War, Singapore had fallen into the hands of Japanese. The Japanese wanted to drive away anti-Japanese residents. So, screening centers were setup all over the country and found all the Chinese suspected as anti-Japanese. All suspects were rounded up at several sites of execution. Changi Beach was one of the famous site for execution. The survivors were marched to Changi Beach which became a POW camp for British,Chinese and Australian soldiers. There, by the thousands, these soldiers were tortured, beheaded and killed by Japanese. Due to the horrific crimes committed there, the beach is said to be haunted by the ghost of executed people.


 The people who pass nearby always complain of hearing mysterious crying and screaming and bloody stains on the sand. The heads of Chinese dead bodies are sometimes seen flying everywhere. Even headless bodies walking by the water have been sighted. However, after the war and Japanese surrender, Changi Beach served as execution ground for number of culrits. They were executed here for the crimes they committed. About 135 were executed at this beach. But it can never replace the wronged deaths that occurred here and still haunts the Changi Beach.


A visitor went on a picnic to Changi Beach where he had an unexplainable incident. This is a real life incident which he 
said it by himself. One afternoon, he happened to pass Changi beach for fishing and wanted to  take a look at it. He walked 
along the beach. He found 2 flower pots lying on the sea bed. He decided to take a closer look and found that they were in 
a perfect condition with nice design.


He wanted to give surprise to his mother-in-law by gifting these pots as she loves gardening. One uncle manning the public toilet asked him what he was carrying in his hands. He asked " Dear Young man, do you know what are you carrying?" He said that they were nice flower pots he found at the beach. He told him to put it back from where he brought them.  The oldman also said him that these are the urns people use in cremation. 

He immediately went back to put those 2 pots where it belongs. In the midst putting back those pots, he accidentally dropped
 one of them and broke into several pieces. He never told this incident to anyone. About one week later, He had an argument 
with his wife and so his wife decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room.In the middle of the night at around 3.00 am 
she ran into the bedroom and hugged him and was shivering. 


She told him that she was suddenly awoken in her sleep and when she opened her eyes, she saw a woman with a long hair in white gown walking towards their bedroom. With this incident she fell ill for several weeks and prayers were held in their house. Then his mother-in-law went for a chinese temple to help her daughter recover from prolonged illness.

She found the reason why the female ghost came into the house. The husband brought the female ghost into the house.
 The lady had committed suicide with lover and he picked it up by accident. People who visit this place often experience
 the ghostly presence and the imapact is shown. 

Many people saw the heads moving in the air which was a hair rising experience.The scariest thing is that the ghosts leave 
blood stains. During nights people observe dug holes that appear as if they were used for burying bodies.


We know that from most ghosts or haunting stories that entail the removal of parts from the body, ghosts will stick 
around and try to find their parts (although normally they don’t leave a trail of blood while they do it).
 From a less paranormal respect, Changi Beach is to this day littered with the remains of the dead Chinese.


 Most were deeply buried under the beach sand, and those that were not have long since been washed out to sea by the tide. 
Although skeletons will turn up in fishermen’s nets from time to time, the Singapore government has been extremely shy in 
the handing out of permits for excavation.